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CEE Brown

CEE Brown, formerly spelled as C.Brown, was born Charles Brown Jr. January 5th, 1988 to Barbara Brown and Charles Brown Sr. His father passed away when he was only the age of 3 to Agent Orange. CEE Brown is also the grandson of legendary jazz musician Mary Alice Brown. As a native of Erie, Pennsylvania, he spent his childhood and adolescence making beats and writing poetry. He joined a rap group in his early teens as a producer for all members, but soon developed an interest in transforming his poems into rap songs. By 19, Brown started his own lyrical journey and went onto spending days and nights in studios recording solo tracks hoping to attain recognition. Though he was homeless at this age, he worked a seasonal job to cover studio time. In 2010, he was asked by respected rapper Hectic of Erie, PA to create and record a chorus for his single that became “Put In Work”. The song gave Brown more notoriety and showed his range as an artist.

By November of 2011, Brown released his first two mixtapes on the same day to display how much music he has recorded. The projects were well-received by locals and has lead him to become an active performer and collaborator within the community. Consisted of story-telling and introspection, Brown's sound gained respect of not only people of the local hip hop scene, but those of other genres as well. Under the moniker C.Brown, he began working with multiple bands in various shows and open mics around town.

Due to relentlessly releasing projects, singles, and constantly performing, Brown garnered many awards and accolades becoming the only Erie hip hop artist with ten awards. Throughout the years, he has acted in movies and dance plays, opened up for mainstream artists, performed voice-over work, produced music for commercials, hosted events, and has also done public speaking in schools.
He is currently a free lance writer for two publications (the Erie Reader and the Erie Times) while still creating music. 


In 2018, CEE Brown landed a backing band now called The CEE Brown Experience that has received a warm reception throughout the Erie and Pittsburgh area. The band consists of local legends Eric Brewer (guitarist), Ralph Reitinger III (bassist), and Stix (drummer). In 2021, Sam Edwards became the new drummer for the band. 


Brown has worked with Pa Dre, Rj Payne, Ras Kass, and Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan. He also made a tv appearance on an episode of Undercover Billionaire as a performer.




  • 2013 Blue Pike Award Winner for Urban Artist

  • 2013 Erie's 40 Under 40 Inductee

  • 2014 Blue Pike Award Winner for Urban Artist

  • 2014 Top 3 Albums from Erie Artists (The Charles Brown Project EP)

  • 2015 Best of Erie Winner for Best MC and Best Local Artist

  • 2015 Rock Erie Award Winner for Hip Hop Artist of the Year

  • 2016 Rock Erie Award Winner for Hip Hop Artist of the Year

  • 2017 Rock Erie Award Winner for Hip Hop Artist of the Year

  • 2017 Best of Erie Winner for Best MC

  • 2018 Best of Erie Winner for Best MC

  • 2019 Best of Erie Winner for Best MC

  • 2020 Best of Erie Winner for Best MC

In 2017, CEE Brown was mentioned in the Atlantic magazine under his government for voice-over work on the viral short film This Is Our Erie; a response to CNN's commentary on Erie, Pennsylvania. He is also one of the many co-writers of the visual.


In 2018,  local hit “Just Saw Their Face” written and performed by Jonny Evans and Tyler Smilo won a Rock Erie Award for Song of the Year. The track was produced by CEE Brown.


Before becoming a writer for the Erie Reader and the Erie Times, Brown has been mentioned in various columns and has been interviewed on numerous occasions under both publications. He is also a writer for the Brooklyn based publication Validated Magazine.



  • Truant Z (2014)

  • Trashy (2014)

  • My Brother's Keeper (2015) unreleased

  • Paper Planes (2016)

  • This Is Our Erie (2017)

  • 1000 (2017)

  • PANIC! (2017)

  • This Year's Scream Queen (2017)



  • Urban Beat (2015) 

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